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lion and its loin

Have you heard story of a lion and its loin. If yes, fine, if not never mind. The lion in our story commits dozens of manipulated errors and gives misleading impressions to hoodwink the other inmates of the jungle. corruption and connections degenerates the mind of our lion and it starts nepotism and favoritism.The prayers of the perplexed prey gets chocked in the stream.But a jerk from above jolts the lion and its loin starts paining....... story continues------

The inmates plans to meet the lion in its den, whispers in each others ears. The intruders scent wakes up the hurt lion but pretends to be in slumber. The waiting for the gathered one begins and is on -------So

The target and the targeted coexist in the jungle in an unfair manner to keep the imbalance of justice.

The characters in the above is obviously revealed in your thoughts. jai ho.



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