• To render efficient service to the Nation.
  • To promote and safeguard the interest, rights and privileges of the members of the Federation.
  • Federation shall represent, promote and safeguard the interest, rights and privileges of all the members of the Federation whether posted in the Central Excise, Customs or any other organisation.

  • To foster and promote the spirit of mutual goodwill and respect among the members of the Federation as well as those among the members borne on the different cadres of the services and attempt at rooting out the factors germane to the growth of the spirit of dissatisfaction among the members, inefficiency and individual delinquency, encouraging all the time just and honorable relation between the members of the Federation and the authorities.

  • To ventilate and secure redressal of the grievances of the members and the settlement of the differences and disputes by Constitutional, democratic and peaceful means.

  • To present to the Government the cause of the members unprejudiced by racial, communal or regional consideration.

  • Generally, to do all such other acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

  • Issue involving interests of any individual member shall not be the subject of victimization of any office bearers of the Federal Unit as a result of his holding such office.

  • Any other object, which the Federation shall consider expedient for the common good of the Members.

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